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When To Schedule A Sports Medicine Visit

You tweaked your knee riding your bike and after applying ice for several days, it doesn’t feel much better. Maybe you want to improve your overall fitness level, but are experiencing injuries that sideline you. Are you experiencing the same injuries over and over again? If so, it may be time for a sports medicine visit.

Who Are Sports Medicine Physicians?sports injury

Sports medicine is a specialty within orthopedics which treats the musculoskeletal system including joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. The sport medicine physician originally focused on specialized care for athletes both professional and collegiate.

Today it is a wider specialty for more people. It combines both preventative and treatment based medicine and involves non-surgical treatment methods.

The Role Of Dr Jennings

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to schedule a sports medicine visit!

The role of your sports medicine physician includes the following:

  • To diagnose and treat sports related injuries
  • To evaluate and review a patient’s condition
  • To treat pain
  • To create a personal treatment and rehab plan
  • To engage in preventative care and reduce the chances of repetitive injury
  • To recommend therapeutics
  • Reasons To Schedule A Sports Medicine Visit
  • If you engage in sports, exercise, or a profession which requires physical discipline, you have many reasons to schedule a sports medicine visit. Consider the following reasons why you should make an appointment with Dr. Jennings.

You Keep Re-injuring Yourself

Some injuries become chronic, so to avoid having them recur, a sports medicine physician can address any overuse or repetitive motion problems you may be experiencing. Not only will your doctor facilitate your rehabilitation, but will set a preventative program to avert re-injury.

You Suffered An Acute Injury

An acute injury is one that happens after a fall or some muscle strain that you feel in an instant. Once you know you are injured, it is important to see a sports doctor right away.

You Want To Avoid Future Injuries

You understand how an injury can interfere with your life and occupation, and how long it can take to return to everyday activities. A sports medicine physician can show you exactly how to avoid repeating that injury by educating you to prepare for particular activities and help you to reduce the risk of injury.

In addition, they can help you focus on strengthening specific areas of your body that are vulnerable. This will aid in stabilizing and protecting the area.

Request an Appointment

Don’t hesitate to schedule a sports medicine visit with Dr. LD Jennings if you suffer an injury or want to avoid re-injuring the same area. Call (972) 394-0118 to request an appointment at our Sports Medicine office in Carrollton, TX.




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