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Sports Medicine in Carrollton, TX

Texas Knee & Sports Medicine is focused on meeting the diagnostic and treatment needs of both serious and recreational athletes. Led by board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jennings, the team is dedicated to providing specialized care to athletes in Carrollton, Texas. Collectively we understand the role activity plays in keeping a person fit and are dedicated to helping patients get back into their game.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to understanding the goals and motivation driving individuals in their sports or performance activities. The group considers this essential in determining how quickly and what type of intervention is implemented, how performance and recuperation should be monitored, and what comprehensive rehabilitation plan is right. The sports medicine team has as its goal the safe restoration of function as well as minimizing or preventing de-conditioning of unaffected anatomy or structures by neglect or inactivity.

We provide a range of diagnostic approaches as well as treatment options such as medication, exercise, therapeutic procedures, and surgery. Conditions treated include:

Conditioning issues

Back & hip conditions

Anatomical alignment issues



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Dr. Jennings is highly trained at diagnosing and treating both serious and recreational sports-related injuries. He will help discover the best treatment option for you and your lifestyle. For more information, contact our office in Carrollton, Texas at (972) 394-0118.

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